Sunday, December 14, 2003

I wove my first twill pattern shawl. This is also the first time I used hand spun yarn too. The yarn is spun from Ashland Bay McKenzie merino and silk. The shawl is for my mother.

Here Gabrielle is modeling the shawl for me. It shrank quite a bit in fulling, but since my mother is about 5'1", I think it will be fine. It really turned out much prettier than the camera captures. (I'm starting to have some problems with the digital camera. Uh oh.)

I also wove up a couple of 3 foot shawls for Gabrielle and one of her cousins who is about the same age and who will be having a birthday while we are visiting. Gabrielle has been wanting a shawl since she saw my Creatures of the Reef shawl. Gabrielle's shawl is a twill weave, while her cousin's shawl is tabby. The tabby shawl also has a flower design embroidered with the same yarn at the bottom point. (Subtle way to tell which shawl belongs to which child.)

It is a little small and Gabrielle told me she wants a bigger one next.

I made these with Lion's Brand Homespun so that they would wash up easily.

I finally finished Gabrielle's bobble sweater!!!

She wanted it for our trip to Las Vegas and I just got it done in time! Now the question is do I dare start a second "bobble hell" sweater for myself???

Sunday, December 07, 2003

I am getting closer to the finish line with Gabrielle's bobble sweater!!!

She told me she really wanted it for our trip to visit our families over Christmas so I've made it a priority. I've finished all of the pieces, have joined the back and the front and am knitting the collar. Then I'll have to attach the sleeves and sew her up!

The bobbles on this sweater made it a real pain in the neck! But. . . it is so pretty that I think I want one too. . . Of course I'd want a tunic length one. Sigh. It doesn't look like 2004 will be bobble free even if I do finish Gabrielle's sweater in 2003.

Of course I have already committed to knitting a stranded sweater for my 6'2" husband next. 2004 very well COULD BE bobble free!

I'm trying to hurry and finish my first handspun triloom shawl before we leave. It is a gift for my mother and we will be heading west in a little over a week!

I am worried that the fabric may be too open. I actually pulled it off of the loom when I was 1/3 of the way done to check and it seemed like it might be okay with fulling. I'm still worried. Here is another angle that better shows the weave structure:

I attempted a twill pattern. I'll turn into a weaver yet!

I started another pair of socks. I'll bring them on our trip. They should be great for car knitting.

I haven't done as much as I should because I have been distracted by involvement in a wonderful new yahoo group Christian Artisans. The group is full of born again Christians who also enjoy fiber arts and/or sewing and we're all having a great time bonding!

Yesterday was Gregory's 7th birthday!

I got these pictures as he was eating his cake and ice cream.

This was a special birthday celebration for Gregory because he is taking enzymes that help him to digest gluten and casein. While we haven't be able to eliminate his special diet, we have been able to occassionally let him have "normal" food. The cake is gluten free, but the frosting is "regular" penuche and that is real ice cream. He seems to tolerate casien better than gluten.