Sunday, December 14, 2003

I wove my first twill pattern shawl. This is also the first time I used hand spun yarn too. The yarn is spun from Ashland Bay McKenzie merino and silk. The shawl is for my mother.

Here Gabrielle is modeling the shawl for me. It shrank quite a bit in fulling, but since my mother is about 5'1", I think it will be fine. It really turned out much prettier than the camera captures. (I'm starting to have some problems with the digital camera. Uh oh.)

I also wove up a couple of 3 foot shawls for Gabrielle and one of her cousins who is about the same age and who will be having a birthday while we are visiting. Gabrielle has been wanting a shawl since she saw my Creatures of the Reef shawl. Gabrielle's shawl is a twill weave, while her cousin's shawl is tabby. The tabby shawl also has a flower design embroidered with the same yarn at the bottom point. (Subtle way to tell which shawl belongs to which child.)

It is a little small and Gabrielle told me she wants a bigger one next.

I made these with Lion's Brand Homespun so that they would wash up easily.

I finally finished Gabrielle's bobble sweater!!!

She wanted it for our trip to Las Vegas and I just got it done in time! Now the question is do I dare start a second "bobble hell" sweater for myself???

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