Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Jesus is risen!

What a great celebration is Easter! In rememberance of the new life we have in Jesus, we dyed Easter eggs.

When we took out the Easter egg dye packets however, only the blue and yellow tablets were intact. The others were smashed. We used the blue and yellow tablets and then poured varying amounts of the dye "powder" into 3 other bowls to see what would happen. We got different combinations of a green/pink/plum color.

Naturally the left over dye called for some wool!

Originally the kids wanted the fiber for their spindling. However, they both liked the blue and yellow fiber best. So to avoid problems, I kept all the fiber myself! (I told them I'd spin it up and then we would use the colors in socks for the two of them. I've not yet mastered socks so this should be good).

I've been a little burned out from spinning boucle yarn so much over the last few months. It was great to spin some nice basic yarn! I spun the Easter fiber up and then Navajo plied it. (I haven't done any Navajo plying for almost a year.) The yarn ended up between 15 to 20 wpi, plied. Each color produced a 15 to 20 yard skein for a total of about 80 yards.

Now I plan to spin some natural colored yarn from some of the undyed fiber. This is the fleece our guild members bought to make hats for the Destin Spin In last year. I never made my hat, so now I will use the fiber for socks for my kids. Socks for the kids are more practical than a hat for me anyway. I just need to find a good pattern for kids' socks!

Easter morning, Gabrielle dressed up in one of her favorite dresses. (This is the dress I hand smocked when Gabrielle spent a week in the hospital a couple of years ago.) Our church does a special Easter outreach in Pensacola each year and Gabrielle wanted to look beautiful. It is a big event with tons of fun activities for the kids (pony rides, face paint, etc.) and live music, etc. for the adults.

Unfortunately this year it rained heavily and the celebration had to be canceled at the last minute. We ended up spending the day quietly at home with just the family. It was rather nice.

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