Saturday, June 04, 2005

The annual museum open house drew our family to Pensacola Village today. This is one of our favorite events!

We started at the camp of soldiers. Gregory and Kurt love to watch the firing of the weapons.

It is hard to believe that anyone could sleep in such a tent!

Gabrielle always looks forward to the Irish dancing. I am definitely going to sign her up for a class this summer!

The dancers teach interested children a few steps and then let them join. Of course I love it because this is in the Museum of Commerce where the spinner, tatter, rug hooking, etc. ladies were located.

Kurt loves this old engine. It runs a corn grinding machine.

Pretty cool, though I'll take my Vita Mix!

The Native American display evoked quite a bit of interest. Gabrielle wanted to buy jewelry. I suspect she is going to be an expensive child.

We did manage to distract her.

The kids tried grinding corn the old fashion way.

Gregory received a quick drum lesson.

And then both children played with the band.

Gabrielle always wants to befriend everyone she sees.

She loves the period costumes.

One of these days I think I am going to have to let her dress for the occasion. I could make a period dress for her. Of course it would sure help if I could replace my sewing machine.

Eventually we made our way to the tanners booth where he shared secrets of shoe making with Kurt.

Meanwhile, the kids and I ducked into another air conditioned museum and found the woodworkers. We watched this man find a beautiful Christmas tree ornament in a block of scrap wood.

Wood turning fascinated Kurt and Gregory for a long time so Gabrielle and I toured the rest of the museum. Chair caning fascinates me, but Gabrielle only wanted to know when she could sit on one of the chairs.

This artist hand carved amazing scenes from wood.

Though I think the children preferred the cute figurines hand carved by these artists.

Gabrielle finally found rest for her weary feet next to the hand quilters. The quilt on the left was sewn entirely from depression era feed bags.

One lone basket weaver sat in a back corner. I didn't get to see her do much, but I am more and more interested in basket weaving the more I see it. The Nantucket style basket weaver was out when we got there. I really like those baskets and think it would be fun to learn basket weaving. . . One day.

The Wentworth museum provided a "hands on" exhibit for the children this year.

The kids loved it. They dressed up and played in a fort and on a ship.

They sure like to dress up! I really need to get some more dress up clothes for Gabrielle.

After a full day exploring museums, we drove up the street to the port for a picnic.

It is always so cool by the water. Kurt wanted to see the old air craft carrier presently at the port. Eventually it is supposed to be sunk in the Gulf to form an artificial reef. I forgot to take pictures of it. It is amazing how big those things are.

On the home front, I managed to sew another play quilt tote for a lady at church who recently had a baby.

I feel like I am getting boring and predictable with my baby gifts, but I just really like these bags. They are so practical!

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