Monday, August 01, 2005

Today's post is mostly for my own benefit. Yesterday, we went over to the new house to measure the rooms before ordering furniture and I couldn't believe how much I had forgotten about the house. So, Kurt and I took more pictures to help us plan for furniture.

On my only other visit to the house, I actually never made it into the back yard. So yesterday, I made sure to check it out. This is the first time I've seen the back of the house.

I definitely like the pool! Now if I can just figure out how to use it without getting sunburned. With spf 50 sunscreen I can spend about 45 minutes in the sun, under a beach umbrella, before getting burned. Without the beach umbrella, I can handle about 10 minutes. In a swimming pool, I can probably manage to get all the way wet before the burning begins.

From the pool deck, this is the view to the west.

Here is the back yard view to the north west.

Here is the back yard view to the north east. Apparently we will own about 2.5 acres of woodland. That is just so cool! I also understand there is a creek that defines part of the boundary of our property and the back woods ends at a pond. I cannot wait to explore!

On the east side of the house is a door leading from the laundry room to the side of the wrap around porch. One day we would like to build a car port or other form of car parking over here.

Here is a picture of the east side of the house where we would like to build the car port.

Here is the pool decking again looking from the east side of the house. Hey, I'm huge pregnant and don't get around much. So I took pictures of the outside from where I found myself.

This is the wall between the breakfast nook and the living room. The present homeowners added the wall to what was once a walk through. If this wasn't the only wall where I could put school supplies when we turn this into our homeschool area, I would gladly open it up again. I like the open look.

From the kitchen you can see into the living room. If I wouldn't have to give up so much cabinet space I would love to open up this whole area and turn it into a breakfast bar.

These are the cabinets I forgot about. This will have to serve as the pantry.

Here is the view from the kitchen into the dining room. As you can see, we caught the present home owners in the middle of packing and moving.

Kurt wanted to take a picture of the wall by the powder room. Here is me telling Kurt not to take any pictures with big, fat pregnant me in them. Obviously, my husband doesn't listen very well. And I even gave him "the look."

Looking up in the front foyer you can see at least one window I will probably never clean.

Kurt was so sure there was a closet on this wall. After 7 months of pregnant forgetfulness, it was nice to be right again.

The closet was actually on the opposite side of the room at the back of the space closed in for an office. I think I will take this closet (the other one is in the bathroom) since there is plenty of room for yarn and wool with these shelves.

Originally we had hoped to open up the wall between the master bedroom and the office to create a larger bedroom. But we won't be able to do so since the office was created by closing in a portion of the wrap around porch. So, I think I will take it for my computer and for storing fiber stuff.

I couldn't remember if I even looked at the kids bathroom last time we were at the house, so we took pictures this time.

The two full baths have double sinks which will be very nice.

Eventually, we will need to change the bedroom door for a full one. For now, Gabrielle will have this bedroom. Desperate for book shelf space, I think I am going to try to put a bookcase along the hall wall for the kids movies and books. I was leery of doing so because this wall can be seen from the downstairs living room.

We are suppose to close on the house in two weeks. However, all of us are pushing to have everything ready a week early if possible. I'm packing a little at a time the best I can. Unfortunately, I failed my diabetes test and now my doctor has scheduled all sorts of additional medical appointments for me this week. Sigh. I don't know how I am going to get everything done especially with my herniated stomach muscle which prevents me from doing much bending and twisting and the diabetes which makes me keel over and sleep every time I eat. We are seeking lots of prayer right now! But, we have continued to see the Lord at work in our lives and are trusting Him for what we need over the next couple of weeks.


Donna said...

Deborah, your new home is just lovely! I hope you and your family have many happy years there together.

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