Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Another quick update. The baby arrived a day before we planned thus resulting in a comedy of sorts. Right after Kurt called his parents on the west coast as they were dashing out the door to the airport (to arrange pick up details on this end), my water broke. The hospital had a record breaking day and month and in the end, a friend of mine had to pick up Kurt's parents. (Praise God this same friend, Julie, also took Gregory and Gabrielle for the day!) The hospital had 40 infants in the nursery where 7 to 10 is apparently the norm. We had to wait for hours to get into surgery for the c-section and no one would let me eat or drink.

Eventually, Michael made his way into the world by c-section on the 28th of September. He was a bit smaller than I expected, but he arrived about a week and a half before my actual due date. He was 8 pounds, 14.7 ounces, 22 inches long and had a head circumference of 36.5 centimeters. In fact his head was so large it got stuck in the c-section incision! There was no way I would have delivered him naturally since I couldn't deliver my other children with their 35 centimeter heads.

My inlaws made life much easier for me for the first couple of weeks after Michael's birth. This third week (Michael is 3 weeks today) I've been trying to heal (infected and splitting incision) while trying to adapt to our new family member. Michael is pretty fussy, which could be from all of the antibiotics I have been taking. I am praying it is not autism! He has good muscle tone and looks very healthy otherwise.

Otherwise I am slowly getting stuff unpacked so that our house is more of a home. Gregory and Gabrielle are having a unit study in health and fitness for homeschool which means they go outside and play most of the day. We are slowly working our way toward a new normal.

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Elaine from PREACCH said...

((Deborah)) I hope your incision heals soon for you!

My third child was very fussy and it turned out she had a milk intolerance for the first year.I can sympathize with you on the fussiness!

And hey! They can't overdo the health and fitness!LOL!