Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Today I am doing a tribute to two shawls. The first one has been with me (in my knitting bag) for years. At first I thought I would post in excrutiating detail my memories of this knitting. However, Michael woke from his nap early and joined me at the computer. He forces me to be succinct, which I suppose is for the best.

Here is the Legend of the Shetland Seas stole on the blocking frame Kurt made for me.

I love the intricate lace pattern.

Especially now that I am finished. Where is Dot who got me into this project in the first place? There I was a perfectly inexperienced lace knitter with only the Creatures of the Reef on my list of lace accomplishments and Dot convinced me I could do the LOTSS. Oh well, I suppose she proved to be right ultimately since I did finish it - finally.

I blocked the shawl with corn starch.

How amazing to see it hold its blocked shape so well. I keep looking at it.

After so many years I can hardly believe I am finished. A friend of mine from the Christian Artisans group gifted me with another kit for the LOTSS fearing I had lost mine in the hurricane. While I had lost the pattern, I now have the yarn for another LOTSS. Will I make another one? Perhaps. One day. Our new church could use a prettier alter cloth. . .

I also finished Michelle's Pi shawl.

Here Gabrielle models it before blocking.

I can't believe how perfectly it fits Gabrielle before blocking. I think she was hoping I would notice and let her keep it.

However, once blocked it grew to an adult size.

Gabrielle modeled it again for me.

It sort of looks like bat wings here.

But all in all, I think the Pi turned out to be a very lovely shawl. I wanted to have it to my sister before her latest medical procedure, but since she had it yesterday, I didn't make it. However, Michelle's Pi will be on its way to her shortly.

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