Saturday, July 29, 2006

Everything is Coming Up Chickens

For almost two weeks our now five week old chickens have enjoyed the good life in their new chicken coop.

Kurt really did a good job. I added a couple details however, like this rustic chicken playground.

Okay, it is only a couple of fallen branches, but it gives the chickens a place to climb and roost. I also made a PVC roost for inside.

This is only temporary until someone can construct one from wood. I hope that someone will be Kurt, but he has such a full plate all the time. If only he would let me near his power tools.

Gabrielle loves to hang out in the chicken coop with the chickens.

She will pick grass and grass seed heads for the delighted chickens. They will then delight her by climbing all over her.

Lately though, their pecking has become a bit too enthusiastic for Gabrielle.

It makes her a little more nervous around the chickens.

She still loves to hold them and pet them. I try to explain chickens are food, not friends, but she doesn't believe me. The ones with the fewest feathers seem to be the friendliest.

It probably didn't help that I stirred up a feeding frenzy by throwing a couple of tomatoes on the ground.

The chickens remind me somewhat of cockroaches the way they will swarm a tomato or other treat.

Our Polish crested chicken seems to be a bit of a ditz. (Insert blond joke of your choice here.)

He is often in a world of his own.

His top hat is feathering out quite well causing him to look downright silly at times.

We have quite a variety of chickens between the various Americaunas, the Polish and our Barred Rocks.

Most of our Americaunas are red heads.

We do have a couple of blonds though.

And a couple of brunettes.

We are able to tell the boys from the girls better now.

Some of the roosters have very red combs and wattles. Someone is trying to crow too. I just can't seem to spot him while he is trying.

We are starting to harvest our garden.

We had some of Gregory's corn on the cob for dinner one night. We've had lots of dishes using the banana peppers.

Today I picked a bunch of banana peppers. Using a recipe for jalepeno pepper jelly, we intend to try banana pepper jelly.

Michael is now ten months old. We are introducing him to grown-up food.

A few days ago I let him have rice flour waffles with the family. We use real maple syrup so they aren't too unhealthy. It is probably a good thing most of his waffles ended up on the floor and in the high chair because I suspect Michael experienced his first sugar high.


Deborah said...

This is a test.

Pamela said...

From the look on Michael's face, I'd say he's not too sure what to make of his sugar rush.

Big congratulations to Gregory on his brilliant success with the corn. What a great crop!