Sunday, August 09, 2009

Contractor Day

We spent another Friday at the Foley house. This time we brought contractors to give us an idea how much more we will have to spend fixing new house items flagged by the house inspector the week before. We're going to try to get the amount taken off the price the house so we can fix things like the air conditioning, rotten sub-flooring, roof leaks, etc. In the meantime, I got some pictures of the master bath.

There is good lightening in this otherwise small and awkwardly shaped room.

I really don't like the blue counter tops.

It is such a dingy space. (Can you tell I've been watching lots of home improvement television?)

I suspect a simple coat of paint will make a huge difference.

The tub is a nice size though it's proximity to the toilet is somewhat odd. I guess I'm used to toilets being next to tubs, but I've never seen a toilet that faced the tub. That just seems weird.

From the entryway, the master bathroom is a long, narrow, "L" shaped room with a small linen closet.

I got a couple more pictures of the master bedroom.

I think this room has a lot of potential.

It has a long window facing the deck. I'm wondering how difficult it would be to make that window into a door. It would be nice for Kurt and I to be able to access the deck from our bedroom without climbing out of the window.

Looking back toward the door, I noticed the last vestige of an old built in vacuum cleaning system. I suppose it is no longer necessary since the master bedroom is the last room with carpet in the house and I hope to get rid of that carpet too. Carpet is bad for allergies and I would like to get rid of it all.

I got a better look at the tile in the kitchen.

I hate grout with a high contrast from the tile. It turns out the grout is just really dirty and not high contrast. I wonder if it can be cleaned adequately. This house definitely has a high yuck value for all the dirt.


Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Wow, Deborah...So much potential, but so much work!!! It looks like what is the biggest asset of the property might also be the biggest negative - the property and its trees are great, but is the abundance of shade part of the house/moisture/rot problem? And are you sure that the creek they are talking about isn't some underground spring causing so much water and rot? LOL - though I say so only half jokingly....

Still and all, it looks like there is the possibilities there for a wonderful home. Look forward to watching your progress ;) Hugs,

Theresa said...

That bath might look much nicer with a color, not everything white. i know everyone thinks a color would make things darker, but the rooms I have reluctantly colored (reluctant only because I worried about them being darker/smaller looking), I was pleasantly surprised that the color made it look brighter and nicer. Definitely a lot of neglect and filth in that house, but it does have potential. Cary has a great point though about the possibility of an underground spring causing continual problems... the house doesn't look that old to have that kind of structural problems without some other kind of cause. Are you guys locked in now?

Cindy Yeager said...

It is so hard to imagine that someone would allow people into their home to see it for sale, and leave it in such shambles. I try to at least make my bed(s) before people arrive.
At least your blog and the pictures show me what we need to do before we put this farm on the market (in 2 years). (o;