Friday, October 23, 2009

Michael's Fourth Birthday

For some time now, the computer drive that allows me to upload photos from my camera hasn't worked. Today it worked. Thank God because I truly need a break from the chaos of life today.

Almost a month ago, we celebrated Michael's fourth birthday.

He remembered opening presents from last year and couldn't wait.

He got a little confused when we didn't put up the Christmas tree. He insists we had a tree last year. Despite the confusion, I thought his memory quite good for a four year old.

Michael got a cool truck with tools and a set of his own Legos from us.

Grandma sent a train and this year's noisy toy.

With so much of their own stuff already packed, all the kids were glad to see some new toys in the house.

Michael desperately wanted an ice cream cake for his birthday.

He loves ice cream, but cake is not his favorite.

So I made him one. It was very good.

Michael loved the whole idea of blowing out candles.

Though he really had to work for the last one.

Michael had a great time on his birthday with his presents and cake and homemade pizza. For us, it marked a transition to our new life. On Michael's fourth birthday, we finally got the call telling us it was time to close on our house in Brewton. In fact, we closed two days later and the chaos began!

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