Wednesday, June 25, 2003

If today's entry had a title it would be "Conquering the Charkha!" I started learning to charkha spin cotton yesterday and actually completed my first little skein. The Charkha is a Bosworth attache case.

My first charkha spun cotton is a small, 25 yard skein. I cannot believe how fast the charkha produces cotton yarn!!!

Fortunately for the sake of my pride, skeining hides a multitude of sins!

The kids and I are still pretty sunburned from the beach Monday. Gregory won't wear a shirt because it hurts his back, so we are home for the day. While I am turning out cotton yarn on the charkha, the kids are learning to use their spindles. Gregory (age 6 1/2) is doing an amazing job!

I showed him how to twirl his homemade toy wheel spindle with his fingers. However, Gregory has been watching me and immediately used the thigh roll instead.

Since watching spinning objects tends to calm autistic children, I suspect Gregory will soon be a prolific spinner!

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