Sunday, September 14, 2003

This has been a pretty "ho hum" week. Not too much progress on anything. I'm plugging away at the Crab and Sea Horse chart with my COTR.

The critters are starting to manifest. I really enjoy this project!

Kurt's first Shetland sock is coming along.

At least it fits and is soft enough and thus meets his new wool item standards.

I finished spinning the skein of kelp Wensleydale.

It is 18 wpi and about 200 yards. The fiber is fabulous and comes from Grafton Fibers. I'll have to spin some more if I want to make a pair of socks with it.

Gabrielle's Aran sweater is coming along slowly. I just started shaping the first shoulder.

It sure will be nice to have the front done and so I can start working on the sleeves. Sleeves always seem to go so fast after working on the sweater body!

Kurt keeps finding stuff at work for me to use for our home school. He has actually overwhelmed me and I have a stock pile in the garage. However, he brought home a nice storage bin set up last year that I finally put to good use!

I got all the yarn out of what is quickly becoming my spinning closet. I don't have much really good yarn, but what I have will be great on the ISM. I prefer to use less expensive yarn for stuff for the kids because they grow so fast and stain their clothes so readily. Now I can see what I have and perhaps it will get used faster. Much of it has price tags from stores in Las Vegas which means it is at least 5 years old. I think I got most of it when I took up knitting while on bed rest when pregnant with Gregory.

I finally got my copy of Spin Off magazine. My skein of Gulf Coast Native homespun made the magazine and is even on the first page of the article. The fiber came from Running Moon Farm. I previously said I didn't care if my skein made the magazine or not, but I must admit it was pretty cool to see it in there. All of the submitted skeins can be seen on the Interweave website under their spinning section.

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