Saturday, January 10, 2004

Lest anyone believe I am technology savvy, let me dispell the myth here and now. I have not posted for these past weeks since returning from my Las Vegas trip for lament over my ailing digital camera. Alas, I finally shared my woe with my husband, who told me twas only dead batteries in my Flashpath system that prevented my pictures from uploading on my computer. So now, fresh batteries in place, I return.

Oh brother!

Two days before leaving for Las Vegas in December, I decided I wanted a new shawl to take with me. So I scrambled in attempt to achieve the impossible. I spun about 300 yards of designer yarn and began weaving on my tri-loom. I did not finish the task, but did manage to complete most of the spinning and some of the weaving.

This is the Wensleydale yarn in which I pushed back on one single while plying to form "curls" in the yarn. It should produce a nicely textured shawl. On the loom it reminds me of a grapevine trailing around an arbor.

I had planned to do tons of knitting during the 36 hour drive to and then again back from Las Vegas. However, since I did most of the night driving, being the family insomniac and since we started both legs of the journey at night, during the day when I was supposed to be knitting, I most often found myself trying to sleep. However, on the way to Las Vegas we did stop for a night so the second day of driving I managed to knit Gabrielle a tam.

She wore it to the mountains when we took the kids to see snow for the first time. Gregory loved the snow despite my best efforts. Gabrielle, unbeknownst to us was acquiring the flu at the time and thus she believes "snow is evil." I will admit to cultivating that belief in her. I figure one way to help keep them close to home when they grow up is to eliminate any desire they might have to move to any more northern regions of the country. Hee, hee!

While in Las Vegas, I started Kurt's Dale sweater. I faithfully swatched for the sweater several times, adjusting needle sizes and being an all around responsible knitter. According to my swatch, I needed to go down one needle size and then knit the large rather than the extra large sweater pattern. After finishing Gabrielle's bobble sweater and discovering how large it was, I didn't want to do that again! I was going to be careful this time!

I am now about 5 or 6 inches into the sweater body:

To my utter horror, I am now knitting less loose than my original swatch. Thus, I am beginning to believe if I continue, I shall knit a sweater for myself instead of my husband. Groan! I believe it is time to frog. . .

I can do it. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. . .

If I don't start over, I may be able to block it bigger, but I'll never be completely happy with it. . . Sigh.

My little floor loom is still beckoning to me. I still need to clean it and it is on my "to-do" list for January.

I will admit the idea of taking apart anything intimidates me! And the thought of dismantling a floor loom is beyond comprehension! I am determined however! I need kitchen towels after all!

At present my loom has found a home between the couch and the fireplace, just behind the end table, next to the hearth. A nice little nook for it. Across the living room is the tri-loom. Our living room has taken on a new decor theme!

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