Saturday, June 19, 2004

Barbara's boucle shawl is FINALLY done! Whew! It is absolutely beautiful, but I am very glad to be done.

Barbara will be getting her shawl a little later today. I needed to make sure I got good pictures and that I could upload them before she came.

Here is the shawl a couple days ago when I finished the fringe.

Fulling made it much more luxurious.

Here is another picture.

Gabrielle helped by modeling for me.

As soon as I finished, I celebrated by spinning something different.

I picked up this Lorna's Laces fiber at the Destin Spin In in January.

It's been a rough day today so I'm just doing a basic post to make sure I get good pictures on the blog before the shawl leaves my possession. I do want to thank everyone who has prayed for me and for my extended family today. I could definitely feel the power of those prayers. My Dad died this morning and we are grieving. Yet through the process I have truly experienced that peace that is beyond all understanding. Thank you all of my wonderful online friends! And I thank Jesus for being my Comforter as well!

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