Sunday, June 06, 2004

We took the kids to the annual museum open house in historic Pensacola yesterday and had another great family day! Each year on the first Saturday in June, reinactors descend upon Pensacola Village and the museums eliminate entrance fees for the day.

The boys quickly spotted an old machine grinding dried corn into meal. Naturally Gregory wanted to see it first. The machine even drew Kurt away from the soldiers reinacting historical battle maneuvers and demonstrating period weapons.

Gabrielle liked the Irish dancing best.

After the performers finished their first set of dances, they brought up all who were interested in trying. Gabrielle naturally ran on "stage." We went with another family in our neighborhood and their daughter, Morgan, danced as well.

One of the dancers attempted to teach some simple steps to Gabrielle and Morgan.

But, Gabrielle just wanted to have fun. There is actually a place where Irish dance classes are given, but I don't think Gabrielle is ready. There are two summer sessions and the second session begins in July. My sister thinks she will be moving here at the end of the month so perhaps both Gabrielle and her cousin Savannah can take classes in July. With our Celtic/Irish roots, I think it would be fun.

In addition to Irish dancing, the Museum of Commerce had an old trolley from the time when Pensacola offered trolley service.

The children had a great time climbing all over it.

And hanging out of it.

We saw lots of period costumes and period activities.

I saw a lady tatting beautiful lace. The family was not impressed. I saw a few ladies I knew spinning on their wheels in front of the weaver's cottage. The family yawned collectively. Beautiful quilts were being done. The family scanned the area for escape. Rows of woodcarvers carefully changed blocks of wood into art or functional items in the Museum of Industry. The kids found an old boat.

Here Sam (Gregory's friend), Gregory, Gabrielle and Morgan sit in front of an old fishing boat (I think). I took a quick picture before chasing the kids off of the "antiques."

In all, though I thought we spent too few minutes with the spinners and lace makers, we had a good time. We ended the morning with a picnic next to a park in downtown Pensacola.

At home again, I saw a new bloom on my first hybiscus bush. It is a hybiscus exotica and the bloom is beautiful so I included a picture.

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