Saturday, July 10, 2004

Despite unimaginable hardships and trouble, my sister finally completed her cross country adventure and has safely arrived in Florida. After one week, our children are inseparable.

They found enough hats for each of the girls to be southern bells and for Gregory to look like Indiana Jones.

Despite the one boy to three girl ratio, they had lots of fun dancing to the Christian Radio Station music.

It is just delightful to watch them dance, play and enter their imaginary worlds together!

While my sister and I have not yet managed to have much quality time together, her husband did drive me to Central Florida and back yesterday in his truck to pick up my new toy.

It is a LeClerc Nillus II, 36 inch weaving width loom!

Now I feel like a real weaver! I bought it from a delightful lady who is presently liquidating her weaving tools and stash, as well as some of her spinning and other equipment. Her name is Johanna and she still has some wonderful items up for sale.

I had hoped all the busy-ness would end and my sister and I would finally get some time together. Unfortunately however, she is very allergic to our dog. Our dog is setting off my sister's asthma and so they are going to try to find an apartment as soon as possible. I'm sad, but I hope they will find one close-by.

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