Thursday, July 22, 2004

Life is starting to settle down a little bit here and I have been able to work on some of my projects! 


These are the men's socks on which I have been working for some time now.  It is great to see them finished!

I immediately started a new pair of socks. 


I'm doing the summer pair with the sailboats.  This is my second attempt.  I already finished the first section of the color pattern only to discover my gauge was off.  So, I grabbed smaller knitting needles, frogged and started over last night.  When I have completed a few more lines of the chart, I will remeasure my gauge and see whether or not I will be able to keep going.

Tomorrow night the Christian Artisans online group will be having a baby shower for a group member.  I sent off my present earlier this week.  Since it is a group for Christian women who make stuff, my gift is handmade. 

It is a Play Quilt Tote.  In this form it is a nice quilted tote bag with a large pocket on both sides.  It holds plenty of baby toys.  However, when it is unzipped. . .

It starts to change.

More unfolding. . . 

Until it finally opens into a quilt.  Just perfect for playing!  The pattern is from a book called "Sew and Go Baby."  

In the meantime, the kids have been having lots of fun playing together! 


Gabrielle and Savannah learned to swim like alligators. 

Of course, Gregory and Gabrielle enjoyed their usual games.


Splashing and swimming, naturally! 

And then, we brought out the snorkels. . .

Savannah took to snorkeling like a true Florida girl! 

Hard to imagine she didn't like to get water in her face an hour before this picture, huh? 

After watching her cousins slide into the water for a little while, Savannah got into the action. 

And on the second day of water play, got absolutely adventurous! 

Summer splashed around some herself, until she figured her mom looked too comfortable. 

Then it was time to put Mom to work.  My sister Mary has the energy of one 10 years younger than me so I kept sitting without guilt.

Gregory wanted to see how high he could swing.

And then jump.

His landings are getting better.

It is great to see him having so much fun!

And landing on his feet, . . . mostly. 

As for Gabrielle, . . .

She is still my most adventurous child.

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