Friday, September 17, 2004

Thank you everyone who has been with us in prayer and in encouragement as we have dealt with Ivan. The best information we can get is that our home is utterly destroyed. We have apparently lost everything. Nothing is left but debris and water. The damage to my neighborhood is so severe that no one can get in. The few people who have managed to get close report complete devastation on Bay Street, where my home once stood. For details see: Pensacola News Journal.

We took refuge at Serenity Farms, a wonderful place with corriedale sheep and a serene feel. But, within a day or two we will head back to Gulf Breeze where we will step into the role of 18th century settlers. I do not know when I will be able to travel once again to my much loved cyber-world.

We lost everything. There is insurance for the structure so we will rebuild. But, the contents are uninsured. Please, please pray for us for the long term. For it is in the strength of the Lord, and by Him alone, we stand and face our tomorrows. . .

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