Wednesday, September 08, 2004

When it comes to my "working with my hands" time, I feel positively adhd. I tend to jump from project to project and from craft to craft. Recently I have been weaving, almost obsessively. I'm still working with the warp Caroline helped me get on my small loom.

As much as I am grateful for the wonderful gift the Lord gave me with this small loom, working on it makes me even more grateful for the large loom He provided this summer! I will be glad when the house cools down a bit and it will be comfortable enough to work on the Leclerc! The small loom is "rickety" making it challenging to get an even beat and the rust, though now gone from the reeds, made them rough. I am CONSTANTLY breaking warp threads! What a pain! But I can easily fix a broken warp thread at this point, at least one close to the side.

The loose and hanging off-white threads are broken warp. They are scattered throughout my weaving.

The loom was warped for several 30 inch long towels. I just started towel number 3. You can see the towels rolled up on the front roller thingy. Each towel is a different pattern.

My selvedges still need LOTS of work. The right side is much better than the left side and I cannot figure out why.

I also started weaving the shawl on my tri-loom.

This shawl is supposed to be for my sister Mary. But I'm starting to wonder whether I will be able to part with it, lol. I don't know of anyone who has attempted to weave a complicated pattern with a tri-loom and not being a weaver or spinner, I don't know if my sister could possibly appreciate it as much as I think she should. I'll have to see. And she is allergic to my dog and there has got to be dog hair in the shawl somewhere. . .

The weaving will probably take a very long time since the pattern is complicated and time consuming anyway.

You can see the diamond pattern taking shape. The yarn in the warp and in the weft is handspun. I must admit, it is pretty cool watching the pattern form!

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