Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Every year, the last weekend in January is the Destin Spin In. What a fun time of year!

While at Spin In, I picked up my traditional souvenir Bosworth spindle. This year it was a purple heart mini. Naturally I had to get matching fiber. This is a blend of merino, silk and angora. Beautiful!

I also found fiber for a new tri-loom shawl. It called to me all weekend until all resistance was futile.

The wool is a Tunis cross with some kid mohair blended into the mix. I picked up some mohair curls from Fire Ant Ranch to add some shine and some more teal, which is my favorite color. It will make a lovely shawl I think!

While at Spin In, I worked on some silk from the Silk Worker.

This is "Helter Skelter." I Navajo plied it for a 28 wpi yarn. I learned that I need practice with my Navajo plying. Still, I think it will make some pretty lace and I have the perfect recipient in mind already.

Currently, I am spinning some Shetland wool I picked up at Spin In last year (and which survived the hurricane). I'm trying to spin cobweb yarn. I am within the modern definition of cobweb, but am nowhere near the traditional definition which I have read is 1000 yards per ounce of fiber.

In order to reduce tension on my single, I "lace" the single across the flyer. You can see in the picture how the single comes in through the orifice, goes to the right and under the first two hooks, crosses over the bobbin to the left and runs under another couple of hooks and back and forth.

I've been doing a bit of sock knitting lately.

This is my first sock with self patterning yarn. Next time I think I will use different yarn for the heel. The heel patterning looks a bit odd.

Gabrielle has been learning to ride her bike.

There is a parking lot across the street from where we are presently living and it is great for learning to ride a bike.

Like her brother, Gregory, Gabrielle learned to ride quite quickly.

She has to work on "stopping" however. At present, Gabrielle rides over to the grass and falls down. Not the most graceful way to end her bike riding.

In the meantime, the house was cleared from our property.

The place looks so different with the house gone.

The first time we drove by, it was so different we drove right past.

There isn't even a place to park anymore.

It is just too strange.

This is the view from the back yard. The lot looks so big with no house.

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