Thursday, December 01, 2005

As the weather cools down, my thoughts turn to wool. I finally figured out I can knit while holding, comforting and rocking Michael. Praise God!

Once I learned to juggle knitting and the baby at the same time, I finished my Christian Artisans knit-along socks.

Finally! These are all cotton and though they are pretty, I don't really like them. They fit okay once they are on my feet, but they barely stretch enough to get there.

I've taken up sweater knitting for my husband Kurt again too. In fact, I did quite a bit of knitting on this a couple of weeks ago at a church party. We are desperately looking for a church home here in Brewton, Alabama, and are thus attending functions as well as services when we can. Our greatest hope is that a Calvary Chapel will come to Brewton one day. Of course after the church event, I found a small mistake with which I could not live and frogged all of my work.

I started the second sleeve to this Dale sweater almost 2 weeks ago. My progress reflects my desire to start a different sweater soon. This one is pretty boring. I've already settled on a new Dale pattern for Michael.

I believe I may actually finish my Legends of the Shetland Seas stole in the near future!

I'm almost half way through the edging. The edging is the final part of this stole. I cannot believe I am this close. How many years has it been? Well, if nothing else this proves persistence really does lead to success.

Michael is growing rapidly. He is already more than 14 pounds.

Here he is at 8 weeks. Don't you just love this sweater?

Michael's sweater was a shower gift from Joanne, from Christian Artisans, who designed and knitted it. The colors look great on Michael and it is one of my favorite outfits for him.

We got Michael a new toy for Christmas. But as Michael sleeps less and less, I couldn't wait that long.

It sure didn't take him long to figure out what to do.

I guess long arms are good for batting at toys. You should see him with the teddy bear mobile over his bassinet.

Michael is now 9 weeks old.

This morning we sat in the rocking chair and enjoyed a fire in the fireplace. When I put him in the chair by himself to take his picture, he tried to rock himself. Too cute.

Sharon, from Christian Artisans, knit the adorable pumpkin hat and the felted boots came from Debra. Aren't they adorable? Michael received the cutest gifts from my Christian Artisans friends!

Kurt and the kids recently decided we needed a tree-house in our back yard.

None of them have ever built a tree house before, but they are sure having fun figuring it out as they go.

Kurt believes a tree-house should have a Tarzan rope. I reminded him we do not have health insurance. I insisted that Kurt be the first to try it out, if he had to persist with the rope idea.

It isn't so easy to pull your foot out of a rope loop and that little tree in the foreground is directly in the way.

When Kurt realized how many problems he failed to anticipate, he needed Gregory to rescue him with a ladder.

He fixed the rope so it would be closer to the ground. There will be no Tarzan leaps off the tree house platforms, but the kids still have fun swinging on it.

And when they fall, and they do, at least they are close enough to the ground to minimize the danger.

The kids are very grateful for our new house and the wonderful acreage upon which it sits. I have to believe the Lord intended this for us all along.

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