Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Gregory is 9 years old today. Wow. How did that happen? And he is almost as tall as me already too.

We started the birthday celebration with a pile of presents.

Kurt wrapped only one present and naturally had to mess with poor Gregory. Kurt used a box from a computer game Gregory already owned so Gregory would think he got another copy of it.

Inside the box Gregory found the movie he hoped Gabrielle would get for him and a new Star Wars computer game.

I suppose I can't complain about Kurt's tricks too much since I told Gregory this gift was a bread box for his gfcf breads.

We told Gregory last year we wouldn't get him a Robosapien because we didn't like some of the noises it makes. But, Gregory loves robots so much and this is really the only cool one out right now that we could find, so we relented. Gregory was so excited.

This crazy car actually climbs the walls. Don't ask me what I was thinking.

In addition to the above, Gregory got 2 way radios (walkie-talkies) and a lego helicopter. But it was Robosapien who made it out of the box first. Gregory sure loves robots. He lost all of his robots to the hurricane last year so this is the first one that looks like a robot we have found. We had one happy birthday boy.

I think Gabrielle liked the walkie talkies because Gregory would need someone to use the second one.

I woke up sick this morning so I convinced Gregory it would be fun to decorate his own cake. He liked the idea until he discovered, as he put it, "It isn't as easy as it looks."

I ended up putting a little bit of frosting on when Gregory finished. In all, he was quite pleased with his cake.

And he even managed to blow out all of the candles! Happy Birthday Gregory!

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