Thursday, January 12, 2006

In December, I resolved to blog more often. Yet, here it is at least 3 weeks since my last update. Naturally, I thus have a camera full of pictures.

I wanted to finish all of my WIPs before the New Year. I did manage to finish Kurt's sweater in time, but nothing else. Then after stressing myself out trying to accomplish my goal, I set a New Year's Resolution: I will set no more knitting goals! My family needs me, not a knitting fiend with some imaginary deadline to meet. Sheesh!

The WIPs continue. This week, I finished the alpaca and silk sweater I started for Michael while I was pregnant.

I mutilated the original pattern so much to use a completely different yarn (the original design required a bulky yarn) it is unrecognizable. (This sweater has a very fine yarn and a gauge of 7 or so stitches per inch.) I also changed the edges from a curled up stockinette to seed stitch. I think the arms ended up WAY too long, but I haven't tried it on Michael yet. At least he has longer than normal arms. Otherwise, perhaps there is a deserving chimpanzee out there somewhere.

We had a great CHRISTMAS. Not "holiday," CHRISTMAS! I tell my children Christmas is a big birthday party for Jesus. Since we are all born again/saved, Jesus lives in our hearts. Thus, when we give each other presents, we give them to Jesus.

Well, it works for us.

Our wonderful friends Barbara and Dave delighted the children with gifts this Christmas. Gregory now has an airplane which effortlessly flies into the highest of our trees, thus blessing Kurt with the opportunity to climb trees and reclaim his childhood.

Gabrielle's new game shoots paper butterflies into the air which then must be caught with little butterfly nets.

The kids received some very nice presents from us this year with the remaining insurance money from the hurricane. Gregory has a new train set (which technically replaces his lost Thomas Trains).

Gabrielle now has a new kitchen set. She really loves cooking and all things food.

We also discovered an 18" doll for Gabrielle based upon Christian novels written in the 19th century. Her name is Elsie.

Of course since Gabrielle has her own kitchen in her bedroom now, she needed a cake to throw birthday parties.

And food, which she used to open her own restaurant upstairs.

Gregory enjoys weaving so I splurged on this Harrisville children's loom. I figure if he doesn't use it, I will!

Gregory LOVES robots. He couldn't contain his excitement when he opened his programmable robot kit.

Michael now has the latest in baby toys for the three month old.

While Kurt, who is boringly practical, liked his new clothes and tools.

Gregory bought me a beautiful necklace and Gabrielle gave me some lovely candles. For my main Christmas present however, I ordered a new, larger triangle loom from Running Moon Farm. (I also put my got my name on a waiting list for something else special.) They make beautiful looms! And since they were hit pretty hard this past year by Hurricane Rita, I like being able to give them my business right now. If you've been thinking you might like a triangle loom, I cannot recommend them highly enough! They should also have some really nice Gulf Coast Native (rare breed) fiber in the near future. I would so like to see them blessed with as much business as they can handle as they rebuild their farm and recover!

We had our second annual family New Year's Eve party this year.

Gabrielle and I make lots of good snacks and punch. The guys are in charge of fireworks. Then we play board games until midnight, when it is time for the fireworks. This year we played the Bible edition of Outburst. The girls won.

We received an unexpected blessing recently. One of the ladies from Christian Artisans passed through Pensacola on her way to Texas.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity, we all drove down to Pensacola to meet her for lunch. Michael is all dressed up in some of his best hand made apparell.

I bundled Michael up for winter and he we were greeted instead by a lovely Spring like day.

After a wonderful lunch at O'Charleys with Dale and her friend Connie, everyone posed for pictures. Dale is a wonderful lady and I am so glad I met her in person. I really liked Connie too. Lunch just wasn't long enough.

Connie actually talked me into having my picture taken too, but once I saw the pictures, I had to delete them. Sorry Theresa, Melissa and all of my other Christian Artisans friends, but I couldn't do it.

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