Thursday, May 29, 2003

FINALLY the kids are getting better from the "super flu" or whatever it is that has plagued them for the past 10 days or so. Whew! We are just starting to get back into a normal routine. I have finished my "lemonade diet", lost 13 1/2 pounds and am transitioning back to food. Today I get orange juice and tomorrow soup. After that, I can eat normally again! YAY!

I took up the swimsuit project again. The fear of the unknown has kept me from doing it for too long. So, I broke down yesterday and CUT THE FABRIC! It really doesn't look that difficult and if the kids are still doing well today, I hope to start sewing this afternoon, after we finish home school.

I am almost finished with my Ships Project submission. I have to sew up the bottom of one slipper then get my contribution into the mail. I have also finished the back of my daughter's aran sweater and have started on the front panel. The items from my "unfinished work" photo are in motion! Hopefully I will have a picture of something completed soon!

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