Friday, May 16, 2003

I just love looking at the beautiful pictures of flowers so many of my e-friends post on their blogs. This morning as the bird song awoke me to another day in the sub-tropical paradise that is N.W. Florida, I thought I'd share some pictures of a couple of my favorite flowers too.

Before moving to Florida, roses were my favorite flower. Now, my top three are magnolia, hydrangea and hibiscus. I also love dogwoods, but have had no success planting dogwood trees to date. This year I hope to successfully plant some hibicus. I tried last year, but the dog ate them.

I just adore magnolia blossoms! The creamy white flower is so beautiful and the heady, exotic perfum is just incredible! Unfortunately, I am terribly allergic to these flowers. I brought some into the house only once. . . I would love to see someone fashion a spindle whorl in the image of a magnolia blossom! Wouldn't it be beautiful???

When we first moved to Gulf Breeze I saw these beautiful, "Dr. Seus" like hydrangeas all over the place. My favorites are the blue ones and I knew I had to have some of these around my house. I bought a few blue flowering plants. Apparently soil ph determines the color of the flower and my flowers immediately started sliding towards the pink end of the spectrum. They are a lovely purplish pink color, but I would like to find something to turn them blue again!!!

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