Monday, July 21, 2003

I finished my yarn for the Creatures of the Reef shawl and have also finished the shell edging. Thus, Caroline says it is time to update my blog. Far be it from me not to comply with my COTR mentor's request! (I did tell you I adopted you as my mentor for this project, didn't I Caroline???)

It took me two days to ply my singles.

My Schacht bobbin bulged with 5 ounces of double ply 30 wpi Sea Mist yarn.

How many hours does it take to hand wind 1,133 yards of 30 wpi yarn on a nostepinde?

I don't know, but I was able to watch the movies "On The Beach" and "The Philedelphia Experiment" while I wound . . . and wound . . . and wound. I actually put a blister on my elbow from rubbing it against the arm of a chair while winding.

I also finished knitting the first 10 rows of my shawl. The first 10 rows completes the shell scallop.

I love beads and glitz on clothes. I thought some simple pearl beads in the center of each shell would be quite fitting and add an elegant touch. Since I am more likely to wrap up in a shawl when dressed up than not, I thought the beads would dress up the shawl just perfectly.

I just love the way the Sea Mist yarn looks so different depending upon the light. When reflecting a lot of light, like with the flash from the camera or under bright lights, the yarn looks silvery and magical. In low light it becomes a more conservative taupe color. Yet there is always the subtle play of blue, pink, brass and silver thoughout the yarn so it is impossible to ever truly decide on the yarn's real color. This shawl will complement my mysterious side. (You know, that side of a woman that pretty much evaporates once she has children, thus leaving only the mystery of where that part of her went.)

The nostepinde, by the way, is from Grafton Fibers.

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