Tuesday, July 08, 2003

I've been spinning like crazy to get ready for the Creatures of the Reef Shawl Knit Along and finally have something to show for it.

(Sea Mist merino and silk blend from The Fold.) I used a flash in this picture. I love the way the light plays off this fiber. This fiber says "mists of Avalon" to me.

I started with my Dogwood Lolli Spindle and produced a skein of 20 wpi yarn. Then I found out I needed 30 wpi for the COTR shawl. So, I took out my Grafton Swan spindle and my Copper Moose teal gem spindle and went to work.

Once I learned to draft for 30 wpi (when plied), I decided to try lace weight spinning on my Schacht spinning wheel. But I first had to clear my bobbins of the colonial, cotton and gold thread yarn I have been spinning over the past couple of months.

I now have more than 1,000 yards of this yarn. I wanted to knit a summer sweater with it at first, but now think the yarn is a bit too heavy. (This comes from, I believe, learning I can spin at 20 wpi and smaller!) So it looks like I will be starting a homespun stash instead!

When I finally plied and skeined off all of the homespun from my wheel bobbins (and discovered why I need more bobbins in the process), I started spinning what I hope will be 30 wpi (double ply) on my wheel.

I want to hurry up and finish my Dad's socks and start swatching for my shawl over the next couple of days. Homeschool starts in early August and my spinning and knitting time will then be greatly reduced. I need to squeeze in as much fiber time as possible in the meantime!

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