Thursday, February 19, 2004

I LOVE the new yarn I'm currently spinning! I think I'll name it, "Dew Drop Morning" or "Sunrise Storm Cloud."

I wish my digital camera would capture the gentle interplay of sunrise pink and blue with the sparkle of silver in this boucle yarn.

This is the yarn destined to become a shawl for my good friend Barbara. I spun it from the fiber I carded last week. Thus far I've got about 200 yards of yarn, but I need at least 600 for a large shawl. It is a time consuming process. The yarn literally passes through the orifice of my spinning wheel 4 times. I spin my singles, then I ply and push up the curl, then I overspin my plied yarn and then I cable it onto a silver thread. Whew! But it is definitely worth it. I think this is the prettiest yarn I've ever spun!

Spring is in the air and I'm starting to think about lace once again. Out from the depths of the darkest corner of my knitting bag, I pulled out my LOTSS stole.

A fog hangs over this project. Shall I continue it? Or shall I rip it all out and start again? My tension is a mess! I started out too loose and when I realized it, I tightened up. Now nothing is even. But what I have represents SO MANY hours, days and even months of work.

To frog or not to frog, THAT is the question. . .

I must decide. I'm 80% in favor of frogging it and starting over, but the other 20% of me cringes at the thought of so many lost hours. . .

In the meantime, I am slowly finishing up the Autumn Leaves shawl.

I'm at the fringe and straighten portion now. I wish the fringe was longer, but I ran short of fiber and thus yarn before I finished spinning. Today, the shawl reminds me of a lion with an orange mane.

I've likewise been knitting away at Kurt's sweater here and there as I find time.

I think I have finally resolved my tension issues and can proceed. It will be nice to eventually move beyond the first 8 inches of this sweater!

Last November we were visited by a large bird. It stood about 3 feet high. I wish I knew what it was. But I grew up in Las Vegas and the only birds I learned to identify were sparrows and pigeons.

I took pictures with my "other" camera (i.e. not digital) which is why it has taken 4 months to post. Most of my pictures failed to turn out as they were taken through a window and a screen and the bird was suspicious of all the movement in the house. We see these birds all over the neighborhood, but this is the first one to appear in our back yard.

I started reading the instructions on one of my new weaving toys this week.

Unfortunately, it wasn't as easy as it looked. I think I might have to wait until the pine trees stop dusting the area with pollen and try to make sense of the instructions again. Too bad. I wanted a new book mark. I thought it would be nice to start marking my books with something other than scraps of paper or tissue.

I'll make a weaver of myself yet!

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