Monday, February 02, 2004

Orange is not my favorite color. But I love a beautiful sunset. And I adore wearing gold. So when I saw this fiber in Destin, I thought it might make a nice shawl.

I thought if I carded up the mohair (on the left) and held it together with the mystery wool roving, I could create a textured yarn I was hoping would look like flecks of sunset when woven. I was thinking of a Monet painting while I spun.

The yarn spun up pretty ugly.

And pretty orange. But I forged ahead thinking positive thoughts. Of course, I used my small tri-angle loom to weave up a small sample to make sure all would be well. I liked the results. When woven, this yarn turned into a fuzzy sunset befitting an impressionist artist of mediocre skill. I was content.

I started a 7 foot shawl on my tri-loom and the corners looked perfect. But, to my dismay, the further along I got, the more the shawl started to look like a couch from the 70's.

There is a striping and subtle plaid pattern in the shawl I had hoped would not appear.

I am losing my optimism. I don't know if this is going to be something I adore or not. And what shall I do for fringe? I sure don't want barber pole fringe. I'm thinking I might throw all of my remaining fiber onto the drum carder and blend it into a batt to spin for fringe. Of course, that will probably give me ORANGE fringe. . .

When in doubt, it is my nature to turn to something else. Thus, I have made pretty good progress on Kurt's sweater this week.

I have made it past the point where I frogged it a few weeks ago and Kurt really likes it. There is a slight ridge where the ribbing and the pattern meet. I hope blocking will fix that. Otherwise, this is my first serious multi-color project and it looks pretty good all things being considered.

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