Sunday, February 29, 2004

I love unexpected blessings! Amidst the unrelenting telephone calls from telemarketers and others pushing their wares, I received a remarkable call from a cyber friend, Caroline. It seems her stash of fiber had burst its boundaries and had begun consuming the living areas of her house. Caroline responded swiftly and banished some of the troublesome fiber. She asked me if I would give some of it asylum in my home. I readily agreed.

The fiber arrived yesterday in a box with bulging sides. When I opened it, the most exquisite fiber exploded out like a Jack from its box. Wow! I am on a natural colors kick right now and these are just incredible! Thank you so much Caroline! The black is natural alpaca, the brown is yak and camel down and the white is cashgora, viscose rayon and firestar, respectively.

I've spent time this last week reading weaving books and cleaning up my loom. Lots of accessories came with the loom, but I can't figure out what to do with these:

I'm hoping someone in Cyberland can tell me (1) what these are, and (2) what to do with them.

I really am going to have to attempt a weaving project soon. I am pretty much tooled up at this point and my husband mounted my warping board in the hallway.

He is such a good man and so tolerant of my "hobbies".

In the meantime, I did finally finish my Autumn Leaves shawl. Whew! Problem after problem arose during the construction of this shawl and I thought I would hate it when I finally finished as a result. I was glad, for I thought I would try to sell it at our guild's "show" next year.

I ran out of yarn/fiber before completing the fringe. (My math was okay, but I didn't account for shrinkage when I set the twist in the yarn.) Fortunately, I was able to find enough scrap yarn to unspin, recard and respin and then finish the shawl.

During fulling, large quanties of dye ran off of the mohair leaving it duller than I originally intended. When wet, the mohair looks absolutely gray. But dry, it is not so bad. Fortunately again, I was able to set the dye with a large dose of vinegar.

I ended up really liking the shawl and have decided to keep it. Though I despaired when the mohair lost so much color, in the end much of the orange ran out of the shawl leaving it more golden, which I must admit I really like. The Lord apparently believes I need training in the areas of patience and "be[ing] anxious for nothing." He showed me that something even better can come from what originally appeared to be a complete disaster.

Undaunted by the challenges of the Autumn Leaves shawl, I have already started the shawl I am making for my friend Barbara.

Barbara is a terrific lady and I rely upon her like a sister. She helps me whenever I need anything. She watches my dog every time I go out of town. She is just a wonderful lady. I enjoy finally doing something for her!

The camera just can't seem to capture the beautiful interplay of light and color in this yarn. I am prodigiously proud of it! I think this shawl will be absolutely fabulous!

Kurt's Dale sweater continues to grow for a change. I am past the point of my last frogging and into new ground!

I think it is going to make it this time!

But, the LOTSS Stole's "days are numbered." I am still praying for strength, however. . .

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