Sunday, May 02, 2004

I feel like I took a walk in the past this week. We live in a "rural" area, though I suppose it is more "semi-rural" in truth. On the other side of our neighbor to the west is a woods fronted by a drainage ditch or perhaps a small bayou, since fish and other creatures call it home. In the Spring, wild blackberries grow along its banks. This week, the kids and I, plastic Easter buckets in hand, picked the first "crop" of berries.

We brought home enough berries for blackberry jam! Within a few hours of picking, our berries looked like this:

The jar with the ribbons is for a new neighbor we met on blackberry picking day. Gabrielle, ever friendly and cheerful, greeted Ms. Rebecca while she walked in the early morning sunshine. She had just moved into one of the large waterfront homes almost directly across the street from us. She stopped to chat and then to help Gabrielle pick berries. After telling us how much she loved fresh blackberry jam, we knew at least one jar would go to Ms. Rebecca.

In keeping with my "visit to days gone by" theme, I finally allowed myself the pleasure a newly shorn fleece brings to a handspinner. I opened the box from Margrett of Running Moon Farm. For me, it was like a gift on a holiday!

This lovely amber colored fleece came from a Gulf Coast Native Improved sheep named Merlene. Now, I will admit I am something of a clean freak, so I knew I would need to wash the fleece immediately.

I couldn't believe how much fleece was in what appeared to be a relatively modest size box! Fortunately, my new relationship with the Fly Lady, has left my Saturdays free of chores. I spent all day washing and washing and washing. For my efforts, I now have a gorgeous, soft, CLEAN fleece drying on the love-seat in my Mary Kay room!

The amber color of this fleece almost matches my hair color. Thus, Merlene's 2004 fleece is destined for a sweater for me!

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