Wednesday, May 12, 2004

A woman sits in a computer chair and leans back just as a manufacturing defect in the only bolt securing the seat back to the chair manifests in the shearing of the bolt. . . What happens?

Well, so far some reduced range of motion and pain in the upper back, numbness in the right wrist, a headache and a growing concern about morning stiffness on the morrow. Sigh. Ever had one of those days? This is turning into one of those weeks! But, on the bright side, if I need a couple of days to rest and recover, I should get plenty of knitting done!

I've been plugging away at Kurt's sweater and it is growing.

Kurt is beginning to believe he will one day get to wear this! He is a very tall man and it is hard for him to find sweaters that are long enough in body and arms. My aim is to provide him with a great fitting sweater!

I have been more hit and miss with my Legends of the Shetland Seas stole.

I have been working on this too long and that fact can get discouraging. But, it was worth every frogged stitch for the tighter material I am presently producing.

Once more, I am determined to master sock knitting. So, I picked up the socks I started last year once again.

Despite meticulous adherence to pattern directions (or due to it?), I think the leg of the sock is too long. (I discovered the pattern is from a very old issue of Vogue Knitting magazine, incorporated into a modern sock knitting book, so that might explain it.)

Now I am on the foot portion of the sock and the directions say to knit until the sock is two inches shorter than the desired length of the finished sock. . .

. . . Well that is helpful! How long is the foot supposed to be??? I don't know how much stretch these things are going to have! I'm new to all of this sock stuff! Sheesh!

Frustration is not going to stop me, however, nor is a failed sock or two. But, it did get me thinking. If the actual knitting of socks themselves is not turning me into a sock knitter, shouldn't owning lots of sock patterns and kits?

In the Computer Age, Blackberry Ridge is only a couple of clicks away! (I need to stay away from this incredible place!) Now I'm really a sock knitter, right?

When I am not squeezing my knitting around our homeschool schedule, I am still working on Barbara's shawl.

I am so close to being done with the weaving, leaving only the fringe. I've been spinning as I go and I will admit that it will be quite awhile before I tackle boucle yarn again. Still, this is the prettiest shawl I have constructed yet!

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