Sunday, May 23, 2004

Summer arrived early this year and we spent the week getting ready for it.

On the back of our house is a lanai closed in with glass. Each summer the glass bakes in the sun and creates a heater that fights the efforts of our air conditioners.

We always knew we needed shade on the glass. A few years ago, I planted trees. They are growing, but we still don't have shade. However, when Kurt saw the reflective surface on one of the tarps we use for camping, he thought we could cover the glass roof of the lanai and turn back some of the sun's heating rays. So up onto the roof he climbed.

Kurt is brilliant. He spent hours working to secure the tarp to the roof. It isn't hurricane proof, but it has substantially decreased the heat on the north side of the house.

Meanwhile, the kids took part in one of their favorite summer activities.

The big blow-up pool survived another year and we inflated it for a day of fun!

The kids wet down the slide and slip down for a dramatic splash into the pool. (Now why didn't my mother ever come up with ideas like these???)

How much fun is this?

Aside from a trip to the beach, this is the kid's favorite summer activity.

Gregory actually learned to snorkel in this pool. (Gabrielle is still working up the desire.)

Gregory has also maintained his ability to swim from year to year as a result of time spent in this pool. Gabrielle, however, likes to play and splash.

And when they needed a break, there was no better place for them to watch their dad work.

Meanwhile, up on the deck, I opened the umbrella and scrubbed the table for an al fresco luncheon of grilled hamburgers and gluten free onion rings.

I had put off opening the umbrella for some time. You see, snakes eat frogs and lizards. We no longer have snakes because we have a Golden Retriever that chases snakes out of the back yard. Sooo. . . .

As I expected, when I opened the umbrella, a shower of frogs rained down onto the table. Yuck! A couple managed to sleep through the ordeal however.

This is one of the gray frogs that like to swim in our pond. It is supposed to be a water feature in our garden, next to the deck, but the frogs have designated it a breeding ground.

By the way, the lawn swing in the background is fabulous! I got the entire patio set for want of that swing. It has two seats with a console like thing in the middle. The middle part has cup holders and a basket large enough to hold my knitting bag. Now I can sit outside and knit while enjoying the beautiful Florida weather and scenery!

A green tree frog managed to cling to the top of the umbrella. There had been another frog peeking out of the opening with the rope, but he left before I could get the camera out.

Despite a very busy and productive week, I did not forego all things fibery. I cleaned a pound of Corriedale fleece.

This was a gift from a delightful lady from the Christian Artisans List. Her name is Cary and she owns/operates Serenity Farms. She raises fabulous old fashion Corriedale sheep. While I am not familiar with Corriedale as a breed in general, the fleece I received from her is soft and incredible. I have to believe it is everything I have heard it to be!

I also received my new shawl kit from Blackberry Ridge. It is another design by Hazel Carter, who created the Legends of the Shetland Seas stole and is made from a beautiful silk yarn.

I discovered my *need* for this kit while browsing Pamela's blog.

Addendum: I heard about a fun quiz and wanted to post it:
You are Ephesians
You are Ephesians.

Which book of the Bible are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are Revelation
You are Revelation.

Which book of the Bible are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I couldn't make up my mind on a couple of points so I did it both ways. I think both books fit me pretty well.

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