Monday, March 28, 2005

Jesus is risen and the world rejoices!

I love Easter and all that it means. The wages of sin are death and all have sinned and earned death. But rather than be separated from His creation for all eternity because we are dead in our sin, Jesus came to take our place. He lived a perfect life and then willingly died for all who would choose His sacrifice to serve in place of our own earned death.

Unlike the doctrine of human devised religion which looks at the good works a person can do in his feeble attempts to deserve heaven, in truth, eternal life is all about Jesus. It is all about what Jesus has done to redeem us from our justly earned fate. All we have to do is accept this precious gift. And on Easter each year, we celebrate the new life only Jesus has earned the right to give!

On Easter, brightly colored eggs symbolize new life. And Gregory and Gabrielle love to dye Easter eggs!

Gregory could barely wait while I set up the dye.

Gabrielle loved coloring on her eggs with crayon before dyeing.

In the end, Gregory had multicolored fingers.

We have a hard time trying to get a natural looking smile from Gabrielle. Once the camera is out, she distorts her face in all sorts of ways. So, we went for what we could get.

Of course, I have my own Easter dyeing ideas. I grabbed some of the Shetland wool I've been spinning and poured the left over Easter egg dyes onto it. Then I wrapped it up, put it into a large ziplock bag and microwaved it for 1 minute, rested for 10, microwaved for 1 minute, rested for 10, over and over for a little over an hour.

Here is the dyed Shetland wool drying on a towel. I think it is quite pretty and very Spring like. Kurt wanted to know what I planned to make with it. . . Duh, yarn. I think I am starting to lose some of my "product centeredness" and am becoming a little more of a "process centered" person. Just a little.

I managed to finish the heel of my Christian Artisans knit along sock this week.

This sock has certainly been an adventure, but I am glad I did it. I think I will probably stick with cuff down socks in the future. I don't really mind grafting enough to make the change to toe up. Now all I have to do is finish the cuff and top it with some basic ribbing, then off to the second sock!

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