Monday, February 13, 2006

Now that my Mom has returned to her home, we are getting back into our normal routine. Basically, that means homeschool, baby care, cooking, housecleaning, sleep deprivation and me trying to squeeze some knitting time into whatever space is left when all else is finished. Lately, my knitting has primarily taken place after everyone else is in bed or while the kids and I watch a movie. I've mainly focused my knitting efforts on my Mom's socks and my sister Michelle's Pi shawl.

I've finished the first of my Mom's socks. I barely had enough yarn in the skein to complete it. Thankfully my mother has small feet. I don't know if I could have squeezed socks for me out of the skeins.

I am now into the 576 stitch rows with my Pi knitting. Each row takes a half an hour to complete.

I have not grown bored with it however because I took out some software I recently acquired, the Stitch & Motif Maker, and created an eyelet fish and double wave pattern. Since the yarn colorway is "South Pacific" I thought fish and waves would be appropriate. Here is a close-up of the waves.

I can never decide if a picture looks better with or without the flash. I have a hard time getting a good color representation. The yarn is actually more blue than green but the flash makes it look too bright.

I know I should have swatched to see if my fish and waves looked right, but I didn't, at least not outside of my imagination. Thus I am quite anxious to see how they turn out. This keeps me motivated to keep pushing through the long rows. Thus, if all turns out well, not swatching will have been a very good thing!

I did a very little bit of the fringing on this shawl this week.

It has been on my tri-loom for more time than I care to remember. I'm getting closer to the finish line slowly but surely. It is just more challenging to get to my loom with the baby. I need projects that allow me to work on them 10 minutes here and there at a time. Knitting is the perfect project for my current schedule.

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