Saturday, February 04, 2006

In all my adult life while living away from my hometown (Las Vegas) my mother has never been able to visit. However, now that she is no longer caring for children or for my ill father, she made the trip across country to visit. This is in fact the first real trip my mother has made in her life aside from going off to college when she was young.

During her visit, I got to know my mother much better, which was very nice. I discovered she had much more type A personality in her than any of us suspected growing up.

My mother couldn't stand to be idle. In fact, while visiting, she wrote on the back of the pictures she had taken over the last couple of years and then organized a bunch of recipes onto index cards. She also picked up a crochet project U.F.O. that hadn't seen the light of day since she was my age. Gee, I wonder from where I got my drive?

Another thing I discovered was that my mother hated having her picture taken almost as much as me. So we made a deal. I would take her picture and she wouldn't take mine. Not fair I know, but there you have it.

We spent one of our afternoons poking around downtown Brewton. I've always wanted to explore the Paris Market.

After seeing the prices, I don't think I will be going back. There were some very beautiful items there however.

We also went by the local vegetable stand to stock up on our produce since my mother and I both like to eat fresh, healthy foods.

And of course we had to go to my favorite Brewton restaurant, the Southern Garden something I can never remember. As much as I like the place you would think I could remember its name.

They serve a Polynesian, South Florida fare and have some of the best burgers I've ever had. The kids like the lays and the umbrella straws.

We watched a couple of movies while my mom was visiting, including the movie Robots which Gregory just received. Michael loved it and I was a bit scared to see my 4 month old son watching television.

I promised my mother a pair of socks and since the yarn I ordered 2 months ago for them never arrived, she picked something from my stash and I started.

Finally, for my mother's last day in town, we went over to Pensacola to see the beach. Wouldn't you know it was so foggy my mother couldn't see the ocean. But we did get to eat at our favorite Beach restaurant, Flounders.

When my mother told us she had never had Key lime pie, we had to order dessert. Flounders has a huge and very delicious Key lime pie. I think my mom finished hers this morning after breakfast. I'm sure it gave her the extra strength she needed to face flying across country today.

We even figured out a dessert for Gregory which he enjoyed very much.

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