Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Weaving and Mysteries

I finished knitting my two Mystery Stoles this past weekend.

I plan to keep the black one for myself.

I followed the pattern, including the wing, and blocked it yesterday.

I started getting anxious waiting for the weekly clues, so I decided to make a second Mystery Stole from Zephyr yarn in my stash to fill in the time gaps.

This one will be a birthday present for a non knitting friend.

It too has the controversial wing. I am blocking it today.

When I first heard we would be knitting a wing, I had doubts. But I continued to knit along with the other 6,000+ knitters doing the Mystery Stole KAL and just followed the pattern. I had completed my first stole before anyone posted pictures. When I finally saw the wing, I didn't like it at all. I thought I would never wear it. My knitting on my second stole slowed down and I didn't finish it until yesterday.

My friend Irene came over yesterday evening. She belongs to the MS3 KAL too and is working on clue 2 (having just returned from a trip to Hawaii). She had seen wing pictures and didn't like the idea either. But my black stole had been blocked and we decided to play with it a bit.

Once we figured out how to drape the stole on a human body, we both realized it was actually quite lovely. She volunteered to model it for me to post here since the wearing of it makes all the difference. Irene decided to finish her stole with the wing and I decided I might just wear mine after all. What a difference to see the stole on a human body! We liked creating a cowl neckline and placing the wingtip on the shoulder best.

In addition to lace knitting, I also managed to finally finish the pair of jumpers I started sewing for Michael just before summer started.

Michael isn't the best model but he sure loves new clothes.

In fact, I tried this little anchor outfit on him when I first finished it to make sure it would still fit since he has grown so much this year. Michael paraded around in his new outfit making sure everyone saw it. Then when I tried to remove it, he screamed and hid. Kurt finally had to get it off of Michael so we could wash it.

I also made Michael a star speckled jumper which he liked as well.

Despite that these size 3T jumpers were started when Michael wore a 2T, he now wears 4T mainly and these jumpers barely fit.

The weaving bug hit hard here. Gregory has already completed multiple projects and learned to wind his own warps.

The only place with room for my warping board is my bedroom closet.

Looking at these pictures of Gregory winding his warp, I thought it funny that I could only see the warping board, a couple of yarn packs and boxes and pillow cases of fleece in my closet and no shoes or clothes. I figure I have my priorities straight anyway.

Thanks to a wonderful weaver on Christian Artisans, Gregory was able to help purchase a larger rigid heddle loom that will also be his birthday present this year. He immediately started weaving a runner for his dresser to match the ones on the headboards of the two beds in his room.

I thought I had escaped future warping of the Easy Weaver loom with it's Velcro tie on system, but Gregory has a generous heart and wanted his sister to be able to weave too.

So now Gabrielle weaves with the Easy Weaver.

I have not done any weaving of my own yet, but I have warped looms for the kids several times. At least warping no longer intimidates me very much. I have warped my own rigid heddle loom and will post pictures of it another time. I already have too many pictures here for my slow dial-up Internet to handle gracefully.


Kathy said...

Hey Deb the stoles are fantastic, I still have a few rows to go on mine, should be done and blocked by tomorrow.

It's great to see the kids weave, Elizabeth is all caught up with my loom right now too. I still only have a 22 inch leclerc table loom, but should be getting a 45 inch floor loom soon.
I love weaving, but I am glad I knit too, as I don't think I would ever have knit if I had started weaving first.
Gregory looks like he really enjoys the whole process. That's fantastic.


Gammy aka Peggy said...

Your TWO stoles are gorgeous!!! I'm finished with my one, but have to block it, probably tonight. The children are adorable!!!

Carissa said...

I like the way that the wing forms a cowl neckline too. The abrupt transition bothers me a lit, but the shawls both turned out well! And what cute jumpers for Michael. I need to make a few for A since he doesn't get as many things as his sister since there are fewer boy patterns out there. Glad to see both of the other kids doing so well with the weaving!

N. Maria said...

Your stoles are simply beautiful! I like the way it looks when worn.
I'm just about finished so I can post my picture.

Theresa said...

Deborah, I love seeing posts on your blog! You have been busy and I can't believe how much Michael has grown!!! The jumpers are cute. I loved seeing Gregory and Gabrielle weaving and they look like they really are having FUN! Can't wait to see the finished results. You are right too about the stole...seeing it blocking, I was thinking, "Oh, now what am I going to do?!" LOL But when I saw it on Irene (You big chicken Deborah! LOL)it looks really nice! It was neat to see it in that blue color too because mine is in lavender. It gave me an idea of what to expect.

Donna B said...

Lovely stoles!

LOL about having your priorities straight. We are getting ready to move and I think my fiber will be last thing to be packed and the first to be unpacked.

Hurrah for Gregory's new loom! He looks so happy! and so does Gabrielle... Your littlest is a real cutie in his new clothes....

Nautical Knitter said...

Your stoles are just beautiful as are the kids. Congratulations!

Evelyn said...

I have to echo Nautical Knitter's comment. Both the kids and the lace knitting are both beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.



Delighted Hands said...

I was directed to your post when I was looking for info on a fiber festival in florida-Destin to be exact-what a lovely spiritual surprise to find your site! I have recently moved to FL(Northeast Central just south of Palatka) and am looking for a knitting/spinning community. Your lace shawls are incredible-great work! I have just entered the blog world cuz there is a shortage of 'friends-who-do this' and I needed to share! Do you have any info to share about the festival-the date etc? Thank you-

UniquelymeNana said...

OMG!!! The stoles are just beautiful!! The wing I think really makes it pop!! You have very beautiful and talented children as well. You are truly blessed my friend!!