Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lousy Dial Up Internet

How pathetic is it when you cannot view your own blog because it has too many pictures? Dial-up Internet is not my happy place. I need to knock some pictures off the main page of my blog so I'm going to do an abbreviated Christmas warm up post with few pictures.

Here is a picture to prove I still knit. Eventually I will post our Christmas pictures. For now I thought it time this blog had some knitting content again.

I knit Michael a sweater and hat for Christmas. I also made him a matching pair of mittens. They are not in the picture because they did not get finished until after Christmas. It seems kinda crazy now to think about giving my kids mittens when we live in the south, but we were reading the "Little House" books and I felt very mittenish then.

The sleeves to the sweater are the perfect length despite what the picture suggests to the contrary. However, I started a pattern that claimed to be just the right size for Michael. I hit gauge. I changed the pattern quite a bit, but I didn't do anything that would affect the length of the sweater. After getting through most of the square patterned panel, I knew the sweater would never fit. And because I didn't get the yarn until a week and a half or so before Christmas and I didn't want to sew on sleeves or do anything too time consuming. (Like starting over.) So for the top of the sweater I completely abandoned my pattern and knit an E.Z. raglan style sweater instead. That made the sweater long enough for Michael but put the patterned block in a funny place. You know what "they" say about necessity. I hunted around in my collection of buttons. I found some cute little alphabet buttons which when sewn above the pattern block, made it's placement look more intentional. Most important, it allowed me to avoid starting over.

For Gabrielle, I knit a poncho, mittens and matching hat.

Gabrielle is not wearing her hat because I didn't finish it until after Christmas. It was a little extra present for after the holidays and not necessarily a late Christmas present.

I knit Gregory fingerless gloves and a matching hat from Lorna's Laces camouflage shepherd sock yarn. Gregory likes camouflage and soldier and hunting stuff.

Kurt received socks once again, which I apparently never photographed. I've done a few other projects as well over the past couple of months, but apparently I forgot to take pictures. Oh well.


tabitha said...

Great knitting. Hope your kids loved it as much as the Christmas knitting that my kids got.

Theresa said...

All your knitting turned out great. It's nice to see what it looks like and see more happy faces. You're lucky I don't live close enough to come visit you Deborah because you know I'd bring my camera and there would be pictures of you too! :o)