Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another Weaver in the House

Gregory is no longer the only weaver in our house. I finished my first [complete] weaving project. (I'd started another, but it was lost to Hurricane Ivan, along with the loom back in 2004.)

(Here is the blankie right after I finished twisting the fringe.)

I started this project a year ago with the idea of weaving a little blankie for Michael for his birthday. Margaret of Heritage Yarns sent the yarn as a shower gift when Michael was first born. (Michael will be 3 YEARS next month.) Over the course of working on this project, there were many hurdles to overcome, especially repairing hurricane damage to the loom. That tended to dampen my weaving enthusiasm. Recently however, I decided I needed to hurry and finish my project so I could put the loom into storage while we try to sell our house.

(Here is the blankie blocking last night on my lumpy bed.)

But something happened along the way. I really enjoyed the weaving. I got excited about weaving. I asked Kurt to lower my warping board to a more comfortable position since I am sure it will make the wall look nicer.

(Close-up of the weaving pattern.)

I've been puttering about on Margaret's website trying to figure out a way to squeeze some "Gulf Breeze Sunset" yarn into my budget. (After all, winter is coming and we have a budget for electricity and a woven throw could keep us warm and save money on the electric bill, but I don't usually use the heater already to save money on the electric bill, so that won't work, but maybe I could start cooking on an open fire pit outside instead of using the electric stove. . .)

I really like Margaret's yarn in the skein but oh baby! You should see it woven into a throw! Wow! Of course I do have some weaving yarn already in my stash and could probably come up with another weaving project with little effort, but then I wouldn't be able to move the loom out of the living room. But we don't have that many people looking at the house right now anyway and God IS in control and can sell my house despite the loom crowding my living room. . .

Michael wanted me to take his picture so here it is.

You can see where he attempted to cut his own hair right in the front. He loves his new blankie!


Theresa said...

This is absolutely gorgeous Deborah! What a great job on your first project too. It sounds so complicated with the warping etc that it is a little intimidating to me.

Michael is looking so cute! :o) My J did that to her bangs when she was 4.

The Gingerbread House said...

Wow Deborah, once you got started you really went fast and it's really beautiful...I'm amazed at how quickly Michael has grown up, he's a cutie....Ginny B.

Pauline said...

Wow, Deborah - What a beautiful "Blankie"! Love the colors, and how they just seem to "flow" together so nicely. Michael is a cutie, too!

Blessings - Pauline/Kansas (from the Frugal Christians Group!)