Wednesday, August 20, 2003

My first shawl is now only hours from being in a wearable state. I received my blocking wires over the weekend and blocked my COTR shawl this morning.

The shawl is 8 ft + across the widest edge and is one inch more than 4 ft down the center. It turned out bigger than I'd hoped, but not too big. I think it will fit on my 5'6" body okay and perhaps the extra length will give me wearing options of which I cannot even conceive at present.

I finished spinning for my next COTR.

The yarn is 30 wpi and much more consistantly spun than last time. I got 1,455 yards from 5 ounces of fiber, so I am right on track. (I aimed for 1,500 yards from 5 ounces.) Not bad from this beginner spinner!

My darling husband is a wonderful man, but I think he needs more "training". The man is a manager at a very large thrift store. Once, the store received a spinning wheel. Kurt never thought to mention it until AFTER someone else bought the wheel. Having learned from this experience, last week I asked if they ever got yarn donated. Well, he let me know they had just put out a large selection a few days earlier, but it was selling fast. The price? $ .10 to $ .25 apiece. You can be sure we packed up and headed over to the store fast. Fortunately, there was still a shopping cart FULL of yarn left.

Here is what I brought home! There were a couple skeins of wool yarn, more 100% cotton (better for Florida), some chenille and quite a bit of boucle. I took most of this yarn and left the acrylic, with a couple of exceptions. Can you believe so much yarn can be had for just a couple of dollars??? And with my husband's discount, we did very well!

I just fell in love with the colors of this boucle. I found 2 skeins of it. I just cannot figure out what to do with it. Any suggestions?

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