Friday, August 01, 2003

School starts Monday and we will be home schooling again. Home schooling an autistic 6 1/2 year old boy takes more patience than I have and can only be done with LOTS of God's grace. Time to pray! In the meantime, I am really enjoying my last few summer vacation days. I won't be able to knit, spin, sew or play as much come Monday so I am doing all I can now.

I hit row 100 of the COTR shawl!!! Wow! I just love this shawl.

Here is a close up of the sea creatures:

And the crabs and seahorses for Stasia:

I hit a new milestone last night. I knit for relaxation. Normally, I am such a "product" person, I stress myself out trying to accomplish as much as possible. Last night, after a terribly busy and stressful day, I sat down to get my "goal rows" done for the day. I found myself just enjoying the process and relaxing. Wow!

Toni from The Fold told me Ashland Bay has changed the colors in the Sea Mist fiber. I am sad because I really love the "old" fiber. She sent me a sample of the "new" colors.

The top part of the picture is the Sea Mist fiber I used for my COTR shawl. The lower half of the picture is the sample of the "new" Sea Mist from Toni.

I'm almost done spinning my first bobbin full of the Rose fiber for my grandmother's shawl.

So far I think its going to be another COTR shawl because I know I can do that one. Though lately, I've had my eye on that "Peacock" pattern from Fiddlesticks. In fact, I think I have the perfect fiber to spin for it.

It is the Ashland Bay MacKenzie, again from the Fold. Says "Peacock" to me!

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