Monday, November 24, 2003

I completed my second tri-loom shawl and this one is very unique. It is plain weave in blue Lion's Brand homespun yarn.

Despite compelling advice to the contrary, I embroidered a large floral design on the back of the shawl and it turned out great! I used the mega-hoop on my Designer I sewing machine and lots of water soluable stabilizer.

The flower design picks up shades of green and purple from the woven fabric. Here is a closer view:

Unfortunately, there is a great deal of glare from the flash on the design. However, you can see by using water soluable stabilizer on the top as well as the bottom of the fabric, the design stays on top of the yarn.

I suspect there will be more embroidered shawls in my future. This one is for a friend who is going through a difficult time right now. Hopefully she won't see my blog before she receives her gift later this week!

I've been working on spinning thick and textured yarn for my next tri-loom project. I'm struggling to get it bumpy enough for my liking.

I can't believe how fast I "forgot" how to make slubby, beginner's yarn!

On the knitting front, I finally screwed up my courage and conquered my first stranded, two color project!

Kurt brought home some wool yarn from the thrift store for me and I thought I'd make hat for Gregory. We plan to go home for the holidays this year and Las Vegas is colder than Florida! I thought both of my children could use a wool hat. Gabrielle's is next. I want to knit her a tam, but she wants one like her brother's. I think she likes the pom pom Gregory insisted I put on the top. Perhaps she will like a pom pom topped tam?

I learned quite a bit from this project. I learned that I need to learn how to do the "jogless jog." I also learned that decreasing in the middle of a design row is not an easy thing. Perhaps I should have used a pattern for my first stranded project instead of making it up as I went?

Gabrielle wants her bobble sweater to be finished before we go to Las Vegas. (She is quite demanding for a 4 year old!) She could use some more winter clothes so I have been a bit more focused on her sweater. I am just about finished with the first sleeve.

That leaves one more sleeve, the collar and sewing all the pieces together. Oh yeah, I will have to weave in about a million ends too. Can I do it in less than a month? I hope so!

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