Sunday, November 02, 2003

I finished my first woven shawl!

I have a couple of pictures because it is tough to see the black.

I used the Lions Brand Homespun yarn for this project. Alisha, my step daughter, picked the colors as this was for her.

This shawl was done with the 5 foot insert, which was the perfect size for Alisha.

She looks great in the shawl and we both loved how it turned out!

There was some left over yarn so I knit up a tam to go with the shawl.

I actually finished this in ONE AFTERNOON! I surprised myself and Alisha with my speed.

Alisha left this morning for the airport wearing her tam and shawl. She had the shawl wrapped around her waist and secured with a pin. She looked great! Unfortunately I was so distraught at her leaving that I forgot to take a picture. We are sure going to miss her, but I am so grateful for her visit!

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