Monday, November 10, 2003

What a week! I have been frying my brain with information pertaining to biological interventions for autism and it feels like when I was in college/law school and just finished finals. Whew! We have done very well with dietary intervention, but it is time to take my son's "treatment" to the next level. Changes and discoveries in the field of autism happen so rapidly that it is up to parents to stay on top of the information. Few local doctors with more "general" medical practices can keep up. Too bad I went into law instead of medicine!

In addition to time with my Lord, my knitting, spinning and other fiber projects keep me sane!

I've been experimenting with spinning "designer yarn."

It has little loops of fiber throughout.

I was SO proud of myself because I figured this out all on my own. Then, when we went to Running Moon Farm, I saw many skeins of the same kind of yarn spun by Margrett Stretton. She even showed me a video demonstration for spinning this kind of yarn. Oh well, like the bible says, "there is nothing new under the sun."

I started a new shawl on my tri-loom.

I am using a pretty oceany blue Lions Brand Homespun yarn.

I finished Kurt's "sleeping socks."

I used my own homespun yarn from some Shetland fiber I got in a trade. The yarn was pretty lumpy, but the socks will keep Kurt's feet warm while he sleeps. He likes to wear socks to bed and these will be better than the little cotton ones he has been wearing.

Before I spin up any more sock yarn, I thought it might be good if I actually saw the real thing. So I broke down and bought some.

I'm planning to use a basic sock pattern from my Vogue Socks 2 pattern book. Sock yarn sure looks different than I imagined it. I guess I'll have to alter my spinning of it!

My kids love to play in hand soap and have been driving my husband and I crazy with it! They can go through a bottle of liquid soap in a couple of days. They love to squeeze slippery bar soap out of their hands and all over the place. So I formulated a plan.

I obtained directions for felted soap from the Mielkes Farm website and Gabrielle and I made a few felted bars of hand soap.

Now the soap is no longer slippery, the kids are not so inclined to play with it and we are not going through hand soap as fast as the water that goes with it! YAY! This was a great project for using wool that I didn't really want to spin into yarn.

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