Friday, November 14, 2003

I love to receive unexpected blessings from the Lord! I've wanted a floor loom for awhile, but knew it was WAY out of my budget! Then, yesterday, I got an email from a local weaving guild member who thought I might want a floor loom. There was an estate sale taking place today and they were just about GIVING a loom away. So this morning, I woke up the kids at the crack of dawn and we headed out.

I came home with a 1975 Macomber 8 harness, 20 inch, floor loom! Here is a picture of the identifying information:

It looks like the perfect loom upon which to learn to weave and does not require a dedicated loom room!

The wood is very nice. Anyone have any idea what kind of wood it is?

At the sale there was a pile which they called "the loom". There were other items included, like a warping board and even a couple of cones of thread for me to get started. I think there is a rigid heddle loom here too.

The rigid heddle loom has a blue warp on it and the loom has a brown warp on it.

I don't know what the flat board is. Underneath the yarn is a Schacht boat shuttle and a couple of shed sticks. I was very impressed with myself that I could name most of what is here. My first job, other than finding a more "permanent" location for the loom, is to clean it up. It is terribly dusty and there is a little rust on the two reeds.

I have already contacted Macomber and they are supposed to be sending me the written information for this loom. Pretty cool!

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