Sunday, January 25, 2004

WOW!!! The Destin Spin In was fabulous! My wonderful husband took two days off from work so I could attend on Thursday and again on Saturday. Armed with spinning wheel, equipment, my contribution to the door prize table and all the cash I had left from our Las Vegas trip, I twice traveled the 45 miles to Destin's Seascape resort. I purposely brought no fiber with me to spin. I'd already been told about the vendors!

There was a room full of vendors with incredible fiber and I had no difficulty finding everything I would need. . . for the rest of the year! This picture was taken on Saturday when the booths were well picked over and little remained. I understand why so many locals shop for all of their fiber once a year at the Spin In! However, since glutony in all it's forms is ugly, I will not document my sin here for the world to see.

There were about 80 spinners at Spin In. In my life I've never seen so many spinning wheels!

There were spinners from all over the country, from the State of Washington to Wisconsin, to Georgia to here in Florida. We had at least one vendor from Canada even!

Apparently, people bring their stuffed sheep collections too.

The one laying in the foreground snored whenever a snapping or clapping sound was made. It was pretty obnoxious, lol!

Sheila Bosworth, an owner of the company that makes Journey Wheels and charkas came down from the Boston area to spin and vend.

Having finally seen a Journey Wheel in action, I immediately added it to my "Wish List". What a wonderful portable wheel!

Sheila arrived from the Boston area Friday night and was only able to attend Spin In on Saturday. She told me it was only 8 degrees in Boston. We were in the upper 60's here in the Florida panhandle.

Sheila secured a spot by an open door for part of her spinning day and was thus able to enjoy the weather a little bit at least. I hope she had a chance to check out our breath-takingly beautiful beaches while in Destin!

This year's Spin In theme was "Hand Jive." The local guild created hats and decorated them for the occasion.

They were very creative, but Sally's was my favorite. She ran out of yarn before finishing the top so she stuffed two small red gloves and formed a top for her hat. I was supposed to participate in this project, but will admit I never even finished carding my wool.

I saw a new knitting fashion accessory while in Destin.

This is one group's answer to mobile two color knitting.

If you look carefully you can see that there is a grommet in the center of each cup. A different color of yarn is inserted in each cup and fed through the grommets. The knitter is then free to wander at will and still knit in color. This particular knitter told me her knitting bra made knitting on airplanes and in airports much easier.

I stayed up late Friday night in order to finish my boucle yarn tri-loom shawl for show and tell on Saturday. I just love the way it turned out!

It is actually much more lacy looking than the first picture looks.

Gabrielle got up and modeled it for me this morning.

It is a 7 foot shawl spun from Sea Kelp Wensleydale I had in my stash. I think I used an entire pound for the shawl.

I love how lacy it looks without looking cheesy.

I received many compliments on it at the Spin In.

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