Thursday, March 18, 2004

Spring has decorated my world with flowers and bees and butterflies. Azaleas dance in the breeze in a rainbow of pinks.

Creation testifies to the glory of my Lord Jesus!

Due in part to lack of motivation for gardening work and in large part to the allergies that keep me indoors during pine tree pollen season (Spring), we decided to give free reign to the wild blackberries overtaking a corner of our yard.

The carpet of flowers foreshadows a wealth of blackberry jam this summer.

With Spring comes the desire to order my indoor world as well. I don't know why, but the desire to clean over powers me each year at this time.

My big project this year has been my closet. Designed as a walk-in closet, the "walk-in" no longer had relevance. Well, to be completely honest, I had never really finished unpacking in the master bedroom closet when we moved into the house 5 1/2 years ago. Boxes were pushed under the clothes and spilled out onto the floor. Shoes were tossed here and there and formed a second layer which was often covered again by laundry stuck somewhere in the sorting process. More than a good cleaning, the closest required geologic excavation.

Hours and days later, I proved to my husband that our closet did in fact have a floor and that it truly deserved the name "walk-in".

Unfortunately, all of this cleaning has impacted my knitting, spinning, weaving, etc. time. However, I managed to complete my first chart A and B repeats of my Legends of the Shetland Seas stole!

The knitted fabric is much tighter this time and I like it SOOOOO much better! The frogging is thus justified and I feel I made the right decision.

Kurt's sweater continues to grow for a change and this too, is good.

Barbara's boucle shawl progresses slowly however. I am spinning as I go and the process of producing this yarn is labor intensive.

But I have made progress and progress is good.

Tomorrow we leave for our camping trip at Falling Waters. The kids are very excited about swimming, hiking and exploring. I plan to bring my knitting. Hopefully there will be lots of opportunity to relax and knit in the shade over the weekend!

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