Sunday, March 07, 2004

Today we mourn the frogging of the Legends of the Shetland Seas Stole. It is the passing of an era. More than three months of my 38th year were dedicated to the knitting of the Legends Stole and today, that time is gone.

I began knitting the LOTSS stole late last summer. I tackled the pattern as a beginning knitter despite warnings it was for the advanced. Alas, my tension was off and as the stole grew, the problems became more obvious.

For months I struggled with the idea of losing so much time and work. But finally, perfectionism had its day and the LOTSS found itself strung up on my spinning wheel and ball winder, attached to my swift. After removing the knitting needles and markers, I began to turn the swift. . .

Minutes turned into hours as I carefully tugged and twisted. The stole withered and shrunk. . .

Now, all that remains are its component parts and a desire to do better, to achieve greater and more consistent results!

I am jumping right back into the knitting of it so I don't lose heart. As Winter melts into Spring and then fires up into Summer, my LOTSS II will grow! Somehow lace just seems like appropriate warm weather knitting to me.

Kurt has been busy studying for tests for his pre-calc. and chemistry classes this semester. He has two tests this week. We've seen very little of him so when it is all over and he has recooperated, the family is going camping. I thought we'd explore a new place and so have reserved a campsite here: Falling Waters. There is hiking (and knitting) and swimming (and spinning) and fishing (and more knitting) and even a playground for the kids. It will be nice to get away from our normal routine and spend some time together as a family. Please pray for good weather for us!

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