Sunday, March 21, 2004

Though I only managed to squeeze in about 30 minutes of knitting time, we had a wonderful weekend camping at Falling Waters. The campsites were nice.

The waterfall for which the park is named was a short hike from the campsite. On the way we passed the lake, a portion of which was designated for swimming.

The waterfall was truly beautiful, despite my camera's lack-luster performance.

The water falls from a hill top down rock and into a deep sink hole. A platform allows visitors to safely "ooh and ahh".

The kids and I found looking down the deep sink hole eerie and disconcerting. Kurt enjoyed it and didn't even mind hanging the camera over the side of the platform for a better view.

The waterfall acted like a natural air conditioner. Kurt and I would have been content to sit and stare at it all day. The kids however, were determined to do some swimming.

Kurt and I were both relieved to discover the swimming hole was shallow enough for us to remain on the shore!

I took this picture while standing next to a sign warning visitors to not feed the alligators.

Hhhmmmm. . . I didn't know whether I should worry that there would be HUNGRY alligators swimming in the same lake with my children. . .

In the end, we let the Lord worry about the alligators and the kids swam and played all day.

Gabrielle discovered suitable sand for castle building.

Meanwhile, Gregory reinvented "the crawl" stroke. (I.e. he used his hands to "crawl" across the surface of the water.)

As much fun as we had, I am glad to be home. I have mountains of clothes to wash, as well as towels and dishes. We did empty the car, so that is something. I've got my favorite Las Vegas radio station, KILA, playing on my computer and am slowly getting everything else done.

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