Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our Biggest Garden Ever

Kurt took a week off to spend time with us. He decided to help me out in the garden. Boy can that man work!

He took over bed-building while I added minerals and soil nutrients and planted. Gregory helped with bed-building too and almost all of the beds without hay were constructed by my guys in about 2 days.

I planted the hay covered beds in front with onions, garlic and salad greens. On the side I planted beets, carrots, radishes and more salad greens and spinach. Most everything has started coming up. The hay by the trees covers 3 rows of potatoes which I hope will grow despite being planted a month late. Kurt and Gregory made beds for our warmer weather produce, which I will start planting in a couple of weeks. Almost all of our time lately has been spent outside.

We have a new "weed" or wild plant growing around our property. It reminds me of a mustard. I'd sure love to know what it is and whether it is an edible green. The chickens have left it alone so it probably is not edible. One of the plants grew flowers. I snapped some pictures this morning.

The leaves are sort of purplish.

The flowers are a whitish purple color.

Anyone know what it might be?


Molly said...

Deborah, that looks like a thistle that grows in Ohio. It is non-edible. Molly

The Gingerbread House said...

If it weren't for the flower I'd think they were mustard or turnip greens volunteers...but the flower takes that thought away...Molly may be right...You'll have more etible greens in your garden soon.

Heather said...

That is one humongous garden!!! Do you sell your veggies too?

Deborah said...

Looks like the plant is a lyre-leafed sage. I found one website where it is said to be edible. But it is also said to be medicinal and can be used as a laxative so I'm not thinking I need to start eating this in my salad just yet.

We don't sell our produce but we do like to share with others.

Deborah said...
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